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Equanimous Minds

Equanimous Minds is a progressive, live dance music production and performance act that brings the beauty and excitement of live instrumentation and improvisation to sonic levels that transcend previous plateaus of Electronic Dance Music.


Founded by Master Percussionist/Producer Bopa King Carré, DJ/Producer Adam Sikora and Electric Violinist/Producer Gray Devio, Equanimous Minds’ sound has been described as “pure energy,” with “addicting melodies,” “mind-blowing fills” and “some of the biggest builds in modern dance music.”


An exciting stage show and collaboration between Producers, DJ and live musicians, Equanimous Minds creates a sound and performance that is not to be forgotten. Equanimous Minds not only produces sights and sounds that are firmly rooted in the House Music tradition, but is also paving the way for the future of Electronic Dance Music.

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