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Evan Taylor Jones

Florida-based singer/songwriter Evan Taylor Jones (ETJ) grew up as an all-star basketball player; an injury ended his athletic career but opened the door to what has become his passion and musical journey.


From humble beginnings, playing in a makeshift three-man band with his two brothers, to now performing over 200 shows each year, in front of people from all over the world, his soulful, expressive voice has proven to be a true blessing and conduit for connecting with and reaching life-long fans in a very special, yet spiritual, way.


In addition to touring, writing, producing, and being a featured entertainer on multiple Disney stages, Evan’s music can be heard on a growing list of T.V. commercials and advertising campaigns; generating nothing less than top-notch press and reviews.

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Booking Information:
Steve Gross II, Atomic Artist Entertainment
steve@atomicartist.com1 (540) 632-1214
Lee Mayer, Houla Entertainment, 1 (865) 414-9266
Club and Festival:
Peyton Alley, 
General Questions and Information:

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